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TO SEE Llanquihue lake - Petrohue waterfalls - Todos Los Santos - Reloncavi Fjord - Cochamo valley (La Junta) - Chiloe Island
TO DO Horse riding - Trekking - Rafting - Kayak - Volcano climbing - Canyoning - Fishing - Swiming - Moutain Bike - Canopy - Ski

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Llanquihue lake

With a diameter of over 50 km, Llanquihue Lake isthe second largest water reserve in Chile. Tour around the lake by bicycle, motorbike or car to make the most of its many attractions: Puerto Varas and its cafes and restaurants, Frutillar and its traditional cakes and music festival, Puerto Octay, Cascadas, of course Ensenada and Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes that border the lake.

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Petrohue waterfalls

Only 12 km away from Casa Ko, the spectacular Petrohue Waterfalls are a major attraction in the region.
Buses leave every ½ hour from bus stop near Casa Ko
Fee ; 1 200 pesos

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Todos Los Santos lake

Thousand years ago, Llanquihue and Todos Los Santos lakes were a single body of water. However, a volcanic eruption and the ensuing lava flow from the Osorno Volcano separated the lakes. Today, the lakes reflect the dormant volcanoes and offer excellent opportunities for water sports.
From Petrohue (where the road ends), you can sail:
- an hour with the fishermen boats
- a day, up to Peulla, on the other side of the lake, where you can see Tronador volcano, highest mountain in the region (3 800m)
- up to Argentina. You get to Bariloche in 1 or 2 days.

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Reloncavi Fjord

The old glaciers have carved narrow valleys where the ocean meets the land between the snowy summits.
30 km away from Casa Ko, at Ralun, the Petrohue River bursts into the fjord (on the way to Ralun, visit the natural thermal baths). A further 15 km and you get to the fishing village of Cochamo (where the Cochamo valley begins). From there, one can explore the village of Puelo and the Tagua Tagua Lakewhich allows access to Llanadar Grande and Argentina. Alternatively, one can head back to Puerto Montt by ferry. See photos in our blog...

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Cochamo valley (La Junta)

A 6 hour walk or horseback ride away from the Cochamo village lies a hidden valley known as the Cochamo Valley. Glacial erosion has sculpted a landscape similar in grandeur to that of Yosemite in California. The difference is that you will not find cars, shops or electricity in Cochamo Valley. It is a true haven for climbers and nature lovers who take shelter in a  rustic yet comfortable mountain refuge run by Daniel and Silvina, at La Junta. From the mountain refuge, it is just a two day hike to the Argentine border.

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Chiloe Island

Casa Ko is closely situated to the villages from which one can catch ferries to the stunning island of Chiloe. Its wooden churches have been declared Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO. The island famous for its colouful palafitos (house on stilts), its handcraft markets, its small valleys and the stunning nature. The island has a beatiful yet wild nature reserve which borders the Pacific coast where you can see penguins, seals or dolphins in their natural splendour. See more in our blog...

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The Pacific Ocean

The lakes region perfect if you want to escape the tourist trail. Make the most of the unspoilt Pacific coastline and explore the beautiful fishing villages of Maullin and Carelmapu, which are accessible by bus or by car. For the more adventurous, the 4x4 trail to Bahia San Pedro is a once in a lifetime journey.


All activities offered by Casa Ko are organised in safe conditions and supervised by professional guides.
Generally, for most activities, transport from and to Casa Ko and insurance is included in the price.

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Horse riding

Horseback excursions are one of the best ways to enjoy the breathtaking views of Llanquihue Lake and the Osorno Volcano. We offer guided day trips up the slopes of the Calbuco Volcano.
All riding levels are welcome.
Hour : 9 000 pesos

We offer as well multi-day treks into the Cochamo Valley up to the border of Argentina.

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The prime location of Casa Ko at the foot of the Calbuco Volcano means that there are lots of splendid hikes in close proximity – and you can even hike toward the top with us, as Casa Ko enjoy an exclusive acces to the summit ! See photos in our blog.

Just a few kilometres away, the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park has hiking trails along the Osorno Volcano and Lake Todos Los Santos leading towards the Callao thermal baths. More experieneced hikers might like to head to Ralun Cochamo or Puelo where you can follow the Jesuit Route, the Paso Leon or the Lago Puelo route across the Andes to Argentina.

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With 13 kms of class III and IV rapids, turquoise waters and volcanoes in close proximity, rafting on Petrohue river is a great thrill. All precautions are taken to ensure your safety at all times, however, the activity is not open to children younger than 12 years of age.
Transport is provided to the point of departure at the rafting base camp approximately 5 km away. From there it is just a short 10 km drive to the Petrohue River.
Price : 35 000 pesos

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You can go sea kayaking in Reloncavi Fjord or river kayaking on the Petrohue River (experience required). The activity can be adpated to suit all ages and levels and offers a thrilling way to explore the Lake region.
Full day : 65 000 pesos

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Volcano climbing

Don’t miss your opportunity to climb the Orsorno and Calbuco Volcanoes. These volcanoes offer stunning views of the lake district and less busy than the Villarica Volcano in Pucon. All excursions are supervised by experienced guides and all equipment is provided. You do need to be physically fit but no previous mountaineering exprience is necessary. Calbuco climbing is possible right on from Casa Ko, ask us for more information.
Prices :
130.000 pesos / person for Osorno (includes montain gears and guide)
100.000 pesos / person for Calbuco with one night camping ( including tent, guide and food)

Canyoning Chile


Unleash your adventurous spirit by going canyoning in the chasms, natural slides and waterfalls created by rivers surrounding the Calbuco volcano. If the thought of jumping and rappelling doesn’t appeal to you though you can just enjoy swimming or opt out when courage fails you.
Price : 35 000 pesos

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Fly fishing enthusiasts will fall in love with the rivers, lakes, and fjords of Patagonia, where trouts and wild salmon abound. All fishing requires a permit and local agencies will assist you with equipement, boats and guides.

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Casa Ko is conveniently close to a number of beautiful and secluded swimming spots. Just a few minutes away, the black sandy shores of Llanquihue Lake are lined with trees and are never crowded. A trip to Todos los Santos Lake will reward you with beautiful and deserted beaches dominated by volcanoes and the cordillera.

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Mountain bikes

There are various cycling routes by road or mountain trails for all levels. The road from Casa Ko to Puerto Varas runs along Llanquihue Lake and is partly equiped with a bicycle path. Similarly, the road from from the Petrohue Waterfalls to Todos Los Santos Lake is partly equippped for cyclists. Neither of theroads are very busy.
« El Solitario » path on Osorno Volcano slopes is also open for bikes.
Price :
Hour : 2 000 pesos
Mid day : 7 000 pesos
Day : 12 000 pesos

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« Canopy » (aerial ropeslide)

People of all ages will enjoy canopy tours though the native trees of the region. The route of Casacadas is one of the biggest in Chile.

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From May to November, depending on the snow, it is possible to ski and snow board on the slopes of Osorno volcano.
The station has chair lifts which are working all year long. In summertime, you can reach the bottom of the glacier.



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